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Our Creative Offerings

OK, let’s get this out of the way first. We’re not doing this for the money. (I know, that’s what they all say.)

But a little money will help offset some of the costs associated with this project, like image licensing (aka Joel Sartore’s amazing animal photography), website development & hosting, audio recording, video production, and similar project expenses.

And A LOT of money, were you to be so generous (and us to be so lucky), will be used to help save the Earth. How? In a way that you — our customers and fans — will eventually help decide. (More on that later if you purchase Creative Bundle #3 below.)


For now, we offer three creative ways for you to show your support.


All our offerings are digital. The world doesn’t need more stuff, or more swag.
So no T-Shirts, coffee mugs, or traditional “merch” (as they call it in the music industry.)


Instead, we offer “Creative Content” in three digital bundles.


Not ready to dish out a little dough? No problem. And no worries whatsoever.

Because the easiest (and no-cost) way to for you to participate is to JOIN our email list, and to SHARE our website and/or video link with a friend, loved-one, or associate — anyone who you think would benefit from (and appreciate) what we’re trying to do, and what our mission is.

So if nothing else: JOIN our cause and SHARE our site and song..!! And add your voice too (if you dare.)

Buy Our


What You Get

  1. Original version of our full song, ready to download now.

  2. Bonus instrumental version of our song, ready to download now.

  3. A signed PDF copy of the lyric sheet by all three of Three Musicians.

How we'll use the money

  1. We'll buy a few lattes and kick back in awe.

Creative Bundle


​Buy Our
Band eBook + Video


What You Get

  1. Everything in Creative Bundle #1 plus . . .

  2. A fun, 12-page eBook and photo story” of our band - circa the 1990s. Total nostalgia.

  3. A video of just the young people (from our video) singing their song harmony parts only. It's very cool and guaranteed inspiring.

How we'll use the money

  1. We'll buy a couple more lattes.

  2. We'll crank up our marketing efforts to promote the website.

  3. We'll be forever grateful to you.

Creative Bundle


​Buy Our

One Year Patreon Subscription


What You Get

  1. Everything in Creative Bundle #1 & # 2 plus . . .

  2. A new song every month. That's 12 new songs from our band..!!

  3. What else? We're not exactly sure. You tell us. Let's be loose about it. What might you want? More songs? More photo stories? Music videos. Behind-the-scenes making-of song videos? Something naughty? (Kidding.)

How we'll use the money

  1. For more coffee as mentioned in previous options, plus a plan to donate a portion of funds to our Save the Earth effort.

Creative Bundle


Donate to Support.

Pick a level that works for you.

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