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Creative Bundle #2

You Get Three Things

Creative Bundle 1.jpg

What You Get:

Everything in Creative Bundle #1 including:

  1. Original version of our full song.

  2. Bonus instrumental version of our song.

  3. A signed lyric sheet by all three musicians.





  1. Band eBook

  2. Video of Young Chorus Students Singing

VINTAGE 12-Page Band eBook



A "Promotional Hype" eBook.


This is a proposal from the 1990s when we were pitching our band to record labels.

It's a load of laughs. See how naive we were. We thought were going to overtake the music world and become "famous." 

Guaranteed to make you chuckle (like it does us), so many years later. 

It will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your heart.


This is a 2 minute, 21 second video of the background choir students from the Pittsburgh Youth Chorus, singing their original harmony parts of the song, less Paula's lead vocals.

It's fun to see the students singing along (and hear them being slightly out-of-sync), which we fixed in the final version of the song.

Sort of like the voices of angels in the Church of Earth.

Inspirational too, we think.

Vintage 12-Page Band eBook

Band eBook and Video


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